Down firing or side firing?

Front! Lol, the side facing the listener. To be honest, the down firing subs I’ve heard were not really in the same price range as most front firing subs I’ve heard.

Around 2000 until 2013 I had a Vandersteen down-firing with 3 x 8" and a big radiator on the side. It was good for movies but never really got it to dial-in with 2 channel - also Vandersteen, 2Ce Signatures.

Currently, I have two 12" sealed, servo side-firers that together are vastly more capable of everything, power and subtlety, the big Vandy never had.

Completely different rooms…

@RonP - BOFUM! REL S5/SHO CF limited BOOM!.. down and side…

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assisted by Shunyata power no doubt…you finished that digging yet?

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Agreed! - I bought two REL S5/SHO subs about 6 months ago and I can’t imagine my system without them now!

Yeah - I have S3/SHO and if I upgrade carbon fiber S5/SHO. It is like they are invisible till I shut them down and go crap… where is the low end… I love them… they are so seamless with my SF Guareni Evolution mains… I just added SR Alpha NR power cables and a difference is noticed…

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Dual subs 20Hz/550 watts…nice, but if you think that’s impressive, you should try something that does 15 Hz/2000 watts which will really rattle your bones.

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