Sunlight: Sound Impressions

I use the DR database numbers as a guide…not as a hard and fast indication of what sounds best.

For example, the best sounding CD version of the Boston self titled debut album is the 1986 US release (EK 34188 with Matrix code DIDP 20006 11xx). Yet the 1985 US (Japan For US pressing) has better DR numbers but sounds horrible in comparison. It has better DR numbers but a worse mastering…

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I also have the stereo and mono original vinyl of “We get requests”. They sound interesting in comparison but not better than the 45 RPM, which to my ears sounds really good (it’s quite a well known show piece for that reason)

We’re a bit off topic here, but it’s interesting…didn’t make the comparison to the originals for a long time and will re-check today.

You were right, I just checked, the stereo original sounds clearly better than the 45RPM, even though the latter has some more extension at frequency ends, but that doesn’t help finally, as it seems rather EQ’ed than cut on the original (which quite sure it was, too, as mostly at the time). The Sterling AP reissues are partly hit and miss compared to the Gray, Hoffman, Smith.

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Anyone finding Sunlight a bit too boomy at the bottom end & a bit shouty at the top end? I seem to have lost my lovely midrange post upgrade of my DSJnr?

Quite a few, me included, think that Sunlight bring improvements in cleaner (less distorted) sound, as well as improvements to delineation and sound stage depth, breadth, and height.

However, as with any tweak or component change, there seems to be a need to adjust speaker toe in / out and in some cases, distance from the front wall. In some other cases, subwoofers would need adjustments.

However, some users still think Snowmass firmware sounded better than anything else!

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I’m definitely a little slow figuring the “computer audio settings” but now that I have all my dsf. files upconverting to 256 dsd to say the sound with Sunlight is incredible would be an understatement. Now I have to figure out how to get my PCM files to convert to DSD. I think my standard Roon Nucleus is not powerful enough to convert PCM to DSD.

I could not get it to work in my system… I went back. I kept going back and forth… just would not work for me. I just wanted to post that there is not a “universal” consensus.

Bruce in Philly

Which is probably as it should be. :slight_smile:

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I’d take the DR numbers listed for vinyl with a grain of salt.

Thanks. I concluded DR isn’t a reliable means of determining mastering quality. A different database is needed… And likely does not yet exist.

It’s the most reliable method we have today. It’s not fool proof to be sure. But, it has proven to be a good indicator that the mastering is worth evaluating.

Just my experience that I thought I couldn’t live with Sunlight after IC, speaker etc tweak. I changed the digital fuse to a not so expensive one, then I don’t need to go back to Windom. It might work for you?

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I had this issue using Audioquest USB cable. I switched to a Pangea Audio Premier SE USB Cable and no more boomy bottom.

I hates it when I has a boomy bottom, hates it I say…


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I used to up convert everything to DSD256 using JRiver until I installed the DSD. Now I run everything native as I think it sounds better with it.


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