Support for DSD256 and beyond

I tried them. I preferred the CD versions or the PCM 16-44.1 files I ripped from them.

The DSD 128 versions were less alive and sounded more boring. There was less tape noise so I presumed whoever remastered them cleaned the hell out of them and in doing so took out some life as well.

I guess it’s all subjective and to my ears, a higher bit rate and DSD is not a guarantee of better sound. It’s still a bit of a crapshoot.

So far, the Resonance reissues are pretty patchy sonically. The only DSD 128 one I like better is “Some Other Time” which I compared to the PCM 24-192 files I had. So maybe if I had the non remastered 16-44.1 CD files, I would have preferred those too.

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Fremer gave the Lugoff (LP, which is better sounding than both digital versions) a quite low 8 out of 11 in sound quality, which I’d agree on. The “Another time does sound better, but imo still not on the level as most well known Evans albums.

As you, I slightly prefer the low res Resonance versions to the hires 2xHD (even though in case of everything except the Lugoff, the Resonance versions were sourced from digital sources vs. analog sources for the 2xHD).

Reason for me seems to be that the 2xHD folks overdo their masterings somehow, no clue how. I rarely found a 2xHD release to better the original mastering they try to improve.