Synergistic Research Blue Quantum Fuse - 1.25A [Sold]

SOLD: Synergistic Research’s new top of the line Blue Quantum fuse, Small Slow-Blow 1.25A (250V). Received new Dec 26 and burned in for about 6 weeks. Perfect shape. No longer needed. No pro reviews yet, but highly recommended by users on fuse thread at What’s Best Forum, starting at page 38:, and at Highend Electronics user reviews:

$110 including shipping CONUSand PP. See my feedback Audiomart, Audio Asylum, Audio Circle, Audiogon Head-Fi and EBay (genegold99).

Note: Based on early user experience and depending on the equipment, SR Quantum fuses are often employed at least one amperage step up from equipment specs, e.g. 1.25A for a 1A location.

(I may have a 5A small slow-blow available in March. PM if interested.)

PM sent, thanks.

Still available.

It’s been sold