Synergistic Research Fuses:


Used Fuses, 60-70% off the new retail price.

All fuses are 20mm, slow blow unless otherwise indicated.

Listed 10/06/20:
8 Amp Blue Synergistic Research, 4 fuses, $50.00 each
6.3 Amp Blue Synergistic Research, slow blow, 7 fuses, $50 each
5 Amp Red Synergistic Research, 2 fuses, $30.00 each
3.15 Amp Blue (large 32mm) Synergistic Research, 4 fuses, $50.00 each
2 Amp Black Synergistic Research, 2 fuses, $30.00 each
2 Amp Black Synergistic Research fast blow fuse, $30.00
1 Amp Red Synergistic Research, 1 fuses, $30.00 each

5 Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, 2 fuses, $15.00 each
250m Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, $15.00
1.0 Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, 4 fuses, $15.00 each
6.3 Amp Isoclean, 2 fuses, $12.00 each
2.5 Amp Isoclean fuse, $12.00
1.6 Amp Isoclean NEW fuse, $12.00
1.25 Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning, 2 fuses, $8.00
1.6 Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning, 4 fuses, $16.00
1 Amp Silver Gold Hi-Fi Tuning fuse, $4.00
7 amp Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning fuse Large 32 mm, $4.00

With a purchase of $70 or more, I will include your choice of a group of the below fuses for free.

MIsc, 32mm large Glass, 10 fuses
Misc 20mm Glass, 10 fuses
1 Amp generic ceramic fuse, 6 fuses
3.15 Amp generic ceramic fuse, 3 fuses
5 Amp generic ceramic fuse, 2 fuses.

Holy Sh*t - that’s a lot of fuses

Price reduced.

Price reduced further.

Are you willing to sell 4 of them separately? Thanks.

Which four, and what monetary amount do you propose?

I don’t see a way to private message on here, but feel free to email me at (removed) and we can discuss.

@Elk (below) - Thanks I missed it somehow

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Thanks again ELK.
jimmywho, I sent you a PM.

I’d there were some 4A, I’d get em for my Maggies.

Sorry I don’t have Maggie’s size, but you must have other equipment which might benefit from fuse upgrades.

Hi Dr. Pain do you still have these for sale? I was interested in the 6.3 amp Hi-Fi tuning supreme fuses (both) and possibly the both the silver star Hi-Fi tuning of 6.3 amp as well. Feel free to pm me.
Edit: oh and also the black synergistic 2a slow blow (both)

Yes I still have these. I sent you a PM

Maybe some of the 2a ceramic fuses. Payment just sent.

Thanks so much!

I have 2 SR 20 FAST BLOW 4A 500V Quantum fuses that came out of my Maggie 1.7i that I sold recently I have the orignal boxs and call sell them shipped for $ 75.00 shipped I have checked the continuity on them and they are in good shape and hardly used them for a year or so if you still need them let me know

See list above, at top of thread, it has been updated and includes more SR, Blue, Black and Red Fuses.

Just keep in mind, if the fuse is not used directly in the audio circuit path, (ie it is used in the incoming mains ac power) it is highly unlikely to have any audible improvement for even the most golden of golden ears and I would place some money on those bets any day of the week.

The good thing is the prices of the used fuses allow people to experiment. I can tell you I have heard differences with fuses used in the mains of all my equipment. However, i’ll grant you replacing Plate fuses in tube gear makes an even bigger difference.

Incoming mains AC power is in the audio circuit path. This is why Power Plants improve the sound.

Consider, for example, an amplifier. Its job is to take a line level signal and turn it into a large signal to power loudspeakers. It does this by using transistors or tubes to modulate the mains power with the audio signal. That is, the mains power is directly in the audio path. We ultimately are listening to the mains power, the cleaner the better the sound.

Perhaps I should introduce audio grade circuit breakers that install in the main breaker box. What is it that makes audio grade fuses better than your standard commercial fuse. Your standard fuse has 260 alloy brass caps that are nickel plated. The body is other steatite ceramic or a borosilicate glass body. The filament being either dumet wire, silver wire, or copper/copper alloy wire in a precise diameter to achieve the proper resistance. For higher ratings, the element can be 99.999 pure silver strip or a copper alloy strip produced to a certain thickness and width. Some fuses are filled with a silica sand or fullers earth to quench the compression that is generated inside the fuse when it blows. Normally you only see those on higher current fuses. What is it that is different about audio grade fuses.