Synergistic Research ORANGE Quantum Fuse - Also Black fuse

Selling my fuses to recover some funds:

Synergistic ORANGE SLOW SMALL 2A Fuse - x2 - sold
Synergistic ORANGE SLOW SMALL 1A Fuse - x1 - sold
Synergistic ORANGE SLOW SMALL 10A Fuse - x1 - sold
Synergistic ORANGE SLOW SMALL 500mA Fuse - x1
Synergistic ORANGE SLOW SMALL 1.6A Fuse - x1 - sold
$115 each including shipping and PP fee for each

Synergistic BLACK FAST SMALL 10A Fuse -x4 (for BHK250)
$150 for all 4 (not looking to sell separately atm)

PM sent RE: 10 amp

Is that 1a fuse 5 x 20mm, 1A, Slow Blow? If so I’m interested in one. Thank you

Yes it is.

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I’ll take one. Please send me your PayPal info. Thank you

If the 1.6A is slo-blo and in good condition, I’ll take it.

I would like to purchase the 1.6A fuse. Please respond.

OOPS - somebody beat me to it.

Yes it’s slow blow, and is in good condition. Sent you photo @tony22. @qzfrj6 I’ll let you know if it’s still available.


Just a heads up to give props to @falling_leaves. I received my SR Orange fuse and it was packed as though new, with the original box and paperwork. The fuse checked out fine on my DMM. I just installed it and it works beautifully. I consider buying fuses like buying phono cartridges - you really never know what kind of use they’ve had (I know it’s not at all like buying a cart, but for some reason in my head it is :man_shrugging:). But f_l came through with 5 stars. He’s another example of the great folks we have here.

BTW, I installed the fuse in my DS DAC with the “S” toward the back, so that the “SR” reads from the back of the unit to the front. It seems like that’s what others have done.