System Photos!

Thought I’d finally got my office finished today, the blind man came and they are still up on the wall (just), but they are rubbish and going back.

Anyway, decided Bluesound is not up to the quality of Raidho speakers, which are magnificent and totally non-fatuiging. The sub makes the system work, the crossover is around 90Hz.

The Innuos Zen Mk3 is also working as a Roon transport by usb to the Cambridge Audio CXA81 on top of it, probably the best value piece of audio I’ve owned since my Sony Walkman. iFi Power Station hiding underneath, also uninterruptible power supply and a 8tb SSD Qnap for business and backup. Audiophile switch and fibre going to main system downstairs.

The Raidho were ex-demo, the CXA81 manufacturer refurbished (i.e. ex-demo) and the sub was sitting unloved in the attic.


Then I cleaned up my listening room - 3 sets of speakers and lots of power cables, etc. I play some days with different dac’s over XLR on my Buchardt A700 active speakers.

(Buchardt A700 active speakers + PS audio DS dac)

Rogers LS 3/5 - Infinity RS 3B - Infinity RS 2B


How do you like the Buchardt A700 Active speakers ??


I trumpet dabbled in High school & in a stage band a bazillion years ago - but just recently found the Wynton Marsalis improvising to Happy Birthday video. Holy. :astonished: :drooling_face:


I find him to be extremely engaging. I can listen to his thoughts on just about anything. Also, you can take the man out of New Orleans but not New Orleans out of the man.

They have only played for about 12-15 hours.

We have spent a few hours today researching the noise coming from my DS dac. It needs a trip to the workshop.

So I can not decide at this time whether I should continue to use my DS dac or whether I should buy a new dac - I am currently exploring only whether I should run XLR for the future etc.

The next step is new space measurements. Then the position of the speakers must be fine adjusted.

I have played a bit with the different Master Masterings. And am starting to get some ideas for what Tunings I want developed for my use.

Private measurements have begun to appear. It’s wild enough and it works. About 30 seconds per speaker and the new Master ready. The new app that comes to the box in a few months you can change a lot. As PS audio has beta tests, we also speak our case :grinning: :wink:.

You can make many different sound expressions with this speaker.

Automatic ISO 226:2003 Compensation = Low Level Enhancement - LLE
When I listen to music I play loud minds 85 db and more … then I only listen for a short time. So I have tested LLE on “wife in house” Miranda does not hear loud music and she works from home due to the virus. She does not care about HIFI. She has repeatedly asked why those speakers play so well at low volume. So the system works weekly well.
It is a radical change because otherwise she will not react. :grinning: :joy: :wink:

I do not want to tell so much about how I perceive the sound. But the base, it almost amazes me. The 4 small basses per speaker 2 in front and two facing.

It’s a wild experience and people can get a little startled when I play The O-Zone percussion group, for example. I have em on various a slightly less out good edition is on PS audios Tidal list song No. 3. It’s a wild experience and people can get a little startled when I play The O-Zone percussion group, for example. I have it on different media a slightly smaller out good version is on PS audios Tidal list song no. 3 - Have fun - but be careful when you play it. I will return with an update in some time. pleasant evening.

song no. 3


There will be a lot of news - so of course I will also play with replacing the various amplifier mudules, etc.

“The Buchardt hub would be able to do DSD 256 converted to PCM over wisa. The new hub does also have XLR that also does AES (digital wired over XLR). So it would be possible to keep a wired digital connection to the speakers in the future. But this would require an hardware upgrade to the a500 / A700. We do have plans for the option in the future to upgrade the active module, which is super easy to swap. But this is most likely first around end of 2022, but it’s a part of the plan”