System Photos!

No wonder I ended up using PS Audio gear as we seem to share same thoughts how to get nice sound. Big Dunlavy´s can surprise even the most hardcore audiophiles when played out loud. Pure clean sound,huge soundstage and it´s coming from the ceiling up high filling whole front wall. Darren seems to have a very nice system. His credibility just increased,thanks for pointing out :slight_smile:


I built that room to accommodate even biggest speakers without problem and those sc-vi´s or similar sized were my goal to finally put in there. I listened sc-iv´s also in 12´ or 4m wide room and they played nice. But not that nice as you pointed out. :sweat_smile:


Darren and Duncan from the hifi podcast show always speak highly of the Dunlavy speakers.


Dungeon system with Magnepan .7’s.

I stumbled upon a Bel Canto PRe3 preamp on my local craigslist for a really good price, and then, serendipitously, a pair of Bel Canto Ref 500M monos showed up on US Audio mart that same day.

In accordance with the prophecy, and to justify the purchase, I sold my Rogue Audio Sphinx V3.

Pretty amazing difference.

Digital source is a Raspberry Pi with Pi2AES HAT into a Topping D70 via I2S. Balanced output into the preamp, and balanced from Pre to Monos.

Analog is a Thorens TD-126 MKII into a Van Alstine phono preamp.


I always wondered how these speakers sounded.

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Beautiful system!

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You talk past tense, have you heard them now?

They look rock solid, made with attention to details and expensive. It must be for those who like industrial style, which is no judgement.

What jumps out of the picture is the square shape with parallel surfaces and corners. This manufacturer seems to think that resonating sound waves and reflections a negligible compared to the benefits of their design.

I used to own square large speakers (certainly not in this price category) and liked the sound very much. I must admit for speakers there is no real substitute for cubic inch, but more … . If it only would fit our lifestyle living room.

So, if you have the space, they look like they are going to sound real good.

I have speakers without any parallel wall myself and I always wondered why so few manufacturers take care of that (even though it would be even possible to do this inside a rectangular design).

New speakers zu omen mk2 dw

And 4 coasters, do they think audiphiles have friends :grinning::joy:


Here is my multi-purpose system.



Love the equipment rack (Timber Nation?)



Built it myself. Fun project.


Well done/nice work.


Very nice indeed, the whole system, but the rack especially.

Which deck is that?

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Turntable is Rega P6. Next upgrade may need to be the Stellar Phono Pre.

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I love that your speaker wire elevators are the same material as the shelving. Nice touch!

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Wow, what a beautiful system! You comments about analog are the very reason I’m on the waitlist for the Decware ZRock 2. It’s my hope that the body and bass qualities of the ZRock 2 will accomplish in my digital side what no amount of cable, software or equipment rotating has.

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