System Photos!

indeed, and shared spaces gotta do what they gotta do :slight_smile:
please excuse my humour all, it’s obviously time for my nap!


The fun part is, my center channel speaker for my separate HT system. I had a Martin Logan electrostatic guy come over to listen to my 2-channel system (Infinity Epsilon’s). He’s leaning forward in the chair, giving the system a study with a serious look on his face, and he asks me if the center channel speaker is playing. I took that as a compliment.


I’ve had a TV between my L&R for so long, that if I covered it or removed it, I am pretty certain that the missing reflections would make me think there’s something wrong with my rig.


I was very impressed with Hales concept 2 and 3 back in 90s; I thought when I saved up that concept 3 would be my speakers; The dealer I frequently visited also had Nakamichi Dragon flag ship CD player, that thing was a beauty, both visually and sonically; BTW, nice setup you have here, I bet it sounds great!

Red River,
I had the Hales Rev-3 for many years as main speakers, still have them and want to sell them, before I upgraded to the T8. Have always liked the sound of Hales speakers and the T-8 sound is amazing.

I have a blanket that goes over the TV whilst listening to the system. TV is far enough behind the speakers that there is very little difference in sound stage if blanket or even a 2’ x4’ Sonex panel is used. The speakers are 8’ off the front wall.

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I place a thick but lightweight lawn chair cushion against my upper tv. I also have (double taboo) a 2nd lower tv that I don’t put anything against. Congrats on the nice setup!

Looks like one of Blue Circle’s less expensive line conditioners.

Pictures people. Stay on task.


So thats the boy group distracting your wife from watching others carrying the new equipment into the listening room?


Are those the gorillas that help with you speakers?
I would be distracted also, your wife is quite beautiful!

That is Tina Weymouth from the Talking Heads.


She aged better than Devo then again so did David Byrne…

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Actually that picture is over ten years old
Sadly she looks much older now.

Loaded up a new cabinet with the audio system, including my Innuos Zen mk3 server. I’ve been switching between using it with Roon and as a standalone streamer with the Innuos 2.0 streamer software, in the same way as the Octave server will operate. The jury’s out on that soundwise.

The rest of the ground floor is a work in progress


Looks like you have your priorities in order.



Do you mind sharing the name/brand of your cabinet?

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That is a stunning cabinet, big fan of really chunky wood.

It’s from a chap in Saffron Walden called Simon Gavin. He used to make a product called Blok, which he sold to Monitor Audio, and now does a bit of audio, but when I went to collect this he was making a massive kitchen. He trades the audio side as Audinni. This is a standard unit called Aveos Cube, which he made 15cm higher to fit an extra shelf. It cost only £600, under $800.

My wife finally sussed me out. That said, given the global shortage of just about everything, this job has been done very quickly. The builders worked 6 days a week and only took one day off, because on the previous they laid 15 tonnes of screed, which was rather hard work, and got it dead flat, which was good because the tiles we put on top were 1m square and only 6mm thick. The fun part was getting a 160kg bath up a rather steep staircase with two turns in it. Good practise for a BHK 600.


I have the Blok Stax 400 for my system in Wallnut, I love the aesthetic and build quality, aside from the well thought out RFI protection in the glass and other nice touches.

If you see him again, please pass on my sincere thanks, his design is in a class of it’s own.