System Photos!

Ah, but the Scotch bar just left of the left Magnepan - now that’sh aweshome. (hic) :tumbler_glass: :woozy_face:


that keyboard is way cool!

Where do you live. I’ll be over at a moments notice for some sampling !!!
Tom - NJ

It’s gonna be a hike!
I live in the home of Kim Cattrall, Pamela Anderson, Brett McLean, Sue Medley, Barry Pepper… does that help you? :stuck_out_tongue:
East coast of Vancouver Island

We are world renowned for our Pamela, Pot and Magic Mushrooms - none of which I ever sampled…


As an F1 fan I think you should chuck that bottle on the left of the cabinet (BTW, I have posted system photos in the past so I reckon I have some off topic browny points to use).

I see you are at the bottom of the bottle of that Peat Monster. Compass Box is some of the best whiskys I have had lately.


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You seem to favour Islay whiskies. Good man!


I moved some of my gear further down the side wall, as in all the way to the back of the wall. The dust hasn’t settled yet and the speakers/subs may end up moving some more (maybe moving the subs inboard to see how that deals with room modes and such). Now that the front of the room is a lot more symmetrical, there’s a definite improvement in stage width and imaging which I knew would happen. It’s just that when we moved in, I just kind of threw things in the room and went with it for a while.

However, now that the front of the room is sorted so to speak, there’s a lot more flexibility in playing with speaker/sub placement to get things really dialed in. Not to mention that this also prepares the room better for some room acoustic treatments a little later down the road.

I have to say, SVS has come a long, long, LONG way in the musicality department since the days of my old PB12-ISD/2 and PB12-Plus/2 subs. They were great for movies, but for music?.. Forget it. Slow, sluggish, heavy sounding with music. Definitely not so with these new PB-1000 Pro’s. Tight, agile, crisp!

Anywho, on with a few pics. And yes, that one of the audio rack and timer, that’s 4:50am! Sucks when you can’t sleep half the time.


I think its a semi universal problem that comes along with age.


Yeah, probably so. I also get tired a lot sooner than I used to. Blah… LOL


As I get older, I now go to sleep at the time that I used to go out at night when I was much younger.


O.K., you two. Let’s change the subject.



At least you haven.t seen see nile river yet :innocent:


Likewise… I remember when we used to leave after midnight sometimes to drive 50 miles one way to go to the clubs! LOL

Yeah, I’m starting to feel old in this conversation. Haha

Testosterone is a powerful motivator.


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Until you run out of it. :thinking:

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Exactly, Some of us are running a little low, apparently. Or so I have heard.


Mine’s officially on “E”. Kind of embarrassing but a part of the tail end of the ride. :grin: :wink:

Just ask Frank Thomas & Doug Fluitie !

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