System Photos!

These are on the back wall:


Sorry, I meant the front wall behind the Sasha’s. What are the foam thingy’s?

Those are Vicoustic Panels. I have a small room and they are basically a Vicoustic Panel without the Wood Veneer on it. I needed something to do a minor amount of absorption and diffusion. Similar to this but without the veneer.


So I went over to my buddy’s house with the CXA80, as well as a Yamaha AV receiver, and three pairs of speakers. Some smaller PSB bookshelfs, some ELACs and a subwoofer.

Brought a couple of turntables I wasn’t using, as well as a chromecast audio dongle.

What a great night. We had a blast trying things out, and at the end of the day, the overly complicated AV receiver is destined for the discount bin, and he kept the ELACs and the CXA80 on permanent loan. Really sounded nice in his basement, where he hasn’t had an audio system for a dozen years.

ELACs didn’t even need the sub.

To me, this is what it’s all about.


Comparing Marantz against the Project transport…
Time to say goodbye to the Big One…


Not that I am getting older but finally I am able to read the display from my listening position…


That’s a great display. Wish they were all like that.


Everything I’ve read about those aiyima amps is that they sound great. Keep thinking that for around $100 and prime both ways they would be fun to audition.

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“current gear comes from the trailer trash edge of the budget range”

we spent 8 years living in a static “park home” i.e. trailer caravan thing :slight_smile:

Good points:

  • cheap
  • DIY was easy (everything was wood!)

Bad points:

  • wooden walls make fitting a gas boiler trickier
  • they are Weather Amplifiers, boiling in the sun and freezing in the winter

All in all I enjoyed our time spent as Trailer Trash :smiley:

Not the best for HiFi though, that was when I stopped using vinyl altogether - the washing machine spin cycle was quite an experience and required hanging on to everything breakable!


I love the touch of the door stops on the Sasha’s. Bet that sounds great!

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It’s about adding mass. They have a noticeable improvement in sound. They look dreadful but sound great.

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On that site which is better not mentioned here the Aiyima A07 measured as somewhat above average. I don’t set too much store by measurements (although I love reading them) because when distortion and noise fall below a certain level I find that they do not obtrude on my normal listening, so further improvements do not give any major benefit. I find the A07 to be a neutral amp; the major attraction for me being that it can give a respectable 150Wpc into 8 ohms, and is thus one of the first chip amps which is powerful enough to be considered as a main system amplifier. In common with most Class D amps it does bleed through a little of its switching frequency to the output (a constant 1.2mV at slightly over 100kHz independent of volume setting) which offends me as a technical purist but is so far into the ultrasonic that it is difficult for speakers to reproduce or human ears to hear


I tried a @cardri level weekend. Squeezed in a full-length ballet, two rounds of golf, a cricket match, shopping for a suit, two art exhibitions, a Chinese restaurant and made a barbecue for 10. I was completely and totally wasted.


Peoria might be only 20 miles from Snotsdale, but it’s a l-o-n-g 20 miles. And not only in distance lol.


Throwback from early 2000’s. Had this magnetic levitation platform for my Shanling CD player. I haven’t seen anything similar since, but it could be me.


Another throwback photo of early 2000’s.
Custom speaker with Raven R2 ribbons, ATC dome mid, Focal woofer. Other speaker is a Chinese manufacturer who also made Red Rose speakers in the day. Can’t remember the name now…
Amplifier is a Tube Technology EL34 based dual mono unit with 150 WPC. That was a great sounding amp!


I napped, walked the dog several times, braised two large lamb shoulders, and listened to a lot of music. I was completely and totally surprised at how much I accomplished… :wink:


…but needed 12 EL-34’s replaced at the same time…ouch
Whenever I need a full tube fix, I connect my CJ (EL-34 based, 2 per channel) MV-55 Tube Amp into the system.

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Was it necessary? I always wondered about the effort to isolate CD drives while they spin fast rotating, not perfectly flat discs which pussyfoot around while scanned by the laser. This scenario then must be magnetically isolated?

A sensible focus on food. Not sure @cardri has time to eat.