System Photos!

I managed to squeeze in the same. Except for the dog walking and lamb shoulders.


Did someone say Dog walking on Lamb shoulders?


I had to quickly hide this window from our dog. That pic is dog porn to him. He’d be unreconcilable for the rest of the day.

Back then, tubes were a lot cheaper. I still have low hour tubes stored somewhere for that amplifier.
CJ is awesome gear.

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Meh take or leave it. To me, on a CD based system, the transport is the most important along with the DAC. As long as the transport has sufficient isolation/mass then the player must be just level.

More pictures of the Shanling please!
Such an amazing piece!!
Similar to my Gryphon Ethos. (Which could be my favorite piece!!!)
The Shanling looks even more impressive! Does it still function?

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What ELAC model?

I can’t remember exactly. I’m pretty sure they were $300/pr new.

Amp before 2A3 tube swap. The 2A3-40s are huge compared to the standard parts.

Just installed the JJ 2A3-40 (watt version) in my Bottlehead Stereomour II. Highly recommend these to anyone looking for a “super” version of the 2A3. Better dynamics, bass control, etc. And, they should last a long time since they are rated for much higher power than a standard 2A3. I think these are in the same glass envelope as a 300B but use a 2.5V filament instead of a 5V filament if I recall correctly.

EDIT: Checking tube availability and prices recently pushed me to have a spare set for the bedroom system. Would hate to get caught without “valves” when needed.


Another photo as per request @aangen . It had also an outboard power supply, not photo’d. Packaging was awesome too in a flight case. The tube buffer stage helped with certain CD’s that had a bit too much glare in them. Smoothed out the presentation slightly without removing detail. I no longer own this unit.


…oh actually found another photo with the outboard power supply(rounded piece in the top middle of the rack.


I am not sure what most of the equipment is, but I am jealous anyway.


I would love to have that equipment rack (actually two or three of them).

Very nice design.



Nice! But not sure I’d put a power supply directly under the piece most sensible to small signals/noise (the turntable/cartridge).

This was almost 20 years ago. The proprietary cable link was quite short. Personally don’t think it would have made a difference.

The Project CD Box RS2, Phono Box RS2 and Power Box RS are on my bucket list. I trust Big Bang for the bucks.

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Been doing a lot of experimenting lately which has gotten my vinyl system closer to where I want it. The past couple of weeks have included a new record clamp/weight, a new Nasotec swivel headshell, four different cartridges (more importantly the stylus type), and various alignments. The fifth cartridge is arriving tomorrow which will hopefully put an end to my experimenting and/or search as it is technically the best of both worlds (cartridge type and stylus type).

Naturally, the higher quality the stylus, the more detail and stereo separation there is, and with less surface noise and vanishing IGD. The Nasotec headshell cleans everything up that much more. A very clean and solidified sound overall, even more defined stereo separation, and bass that seems more effortless and open. Quite an interesting headshell that I’m glad I discovered.

Nagaoka M-110

Sumiko Blue Point No.3

Ortofon 2M Bronze

Ortofon 2M Black


Great pictures/well done.



The new cart came in and I have it up and running. I only have about 2 hours on it, but it already sounds better than all of the other carts combined. I hear the break-in period is around 50 hours, so it can only get better. Right now, it’s fuller, more detailed, snappier, punchier, and just cleaner sounding with very little to no surface noise.


I am intrigued by the Nasotec headshell, but they are $359.99 at ElusiveDisc, so not a light investment for a headshell.

Has anyone else used a Nasotec swivel headshell? If so, what are your impressions? Any opinions as to whether it would work better with a high or low compliance cartridge? I just made a deal for a Grado Sonata 3 cartridge which is high compliance and I have a Technics SL-1210GR turntable.