System Photos!


WTH? I didn’t know that the SGCD included house calls with every purchase. Is he pulling the speakers out into the room another 12 inches? :rofl:

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You could add one of the PS Audio Pre Amps. They have the home theater bypass. I use that function to switch between two channel and home theater works great and saw a big jump in quality on my 2 channel when I added the pre.

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My name is Swedish and I’m just three generations off the boat (great grampa Gustav came here on a sailing vessel). I shan’t attempt to use the cheers without understanding the ritual.

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We see you Bascom. Waiting to see the photos of your awesome system.

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I had the P3ESR before the Pulsars. They are great speakers. Beautiful mid-range, just limited at the very top and the very bottom.



I love how you’ve filled out your cabinet. The stereo looks nice as well…



Hey! I know that guy… yes, house calls…

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Slightly off topic. I did a tour of friends homes recently. Both have spectacular systems and one has two full blown systems with all Valhalla and still points in supporting roles.

This one is an all Bel Canto Black stack. Similarities to what TSS will be. Just an amazing lifelike presentation.

The next was equally special:

Again, extremely lifelike with Kharma, Rowland, Nagra Gear, and Wadia.



In these four photos, I show a shot of my music server (Modified Wolf Alpha -2) as controlled from my listening position. Love that Qobuz! These are not in order of what I am saying here. Then we have the shot of the speakers, my front end stuff, and my office area. We added this large room on to our house many years ago and my dear wife has allowed me to have all of it for my listening and work. The speakers are Genesis Advanced Technologies 6.1 I helped Arnie Nudell design these in 2002 when I was flying up to Vail every month for 4 years to work with him on these and other speakers over that period. Of note, the last thing we did was the speakers that he had up until the time of his recent death. They were shown in the PS Audio room at the 2018 RMAF.

I could and probably will in the future say a lot more about my audio stuff and career.

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Paul - I may in fact be one of those people that think that they have enough bass already… I have a pair of Infinity Reference 2B Loudspeakers that are about 38 years old, and I still use the Low Frequency Equalizer to to assist with the bass. (I posted a photo of my system to this thread on Feb. 6th) However, I can only use RCA cables with this LFE, and I know that PS Audio strongly recommends using XLR cables with the Stellar Gain Cell DAC and M700’s. But when I swapped the RCA cables out for XLR cables and bypassed the LFE, the mid-range and high end sounded better, but I lost a tremendous amount of bass. Wondering if adding an REL sub (or two?) would allow me to use the XLR cables in order to improve the sound quality overall without losing the bass, and perhaps even improve the bass?



I’m sure this setup sounds great! It seems all the brains have similar environments…for sure there are better components developed than within some clean desk surroundings of other big names without big results :wink:

I’d love to read more of your stuff and experiences Mr. BHK! Your record player just seems to be a bit lost in the corner since the DS DAC joined in :wink:



There is a lot of history in that room.



That’s where my BHK 300’s started !! Thank you!



OK… so this is not going to live up to most of what’s on here… but I’ll share all the same :slight_smile:









No expectations here. Another neat system.



Very nifty.



So, the Giga FOIL filter worked amazing today, another step in the right SQ direction. Solved the very faint hum from my REL subs. BOOYA! So I’m thirsty and thought it is a port evening… Quinta Das Carvalhas Reserva Ruby Porto… sliding back in the recliner, glass of port working Phil Collins “Face Value” (24/192)… love a Phil Collins and port…

So, pray tell, how was the Opera?



Some shots of my system and room. DIY speakers and cabinets with the 2 subs in the floor under the plants on each side, with the woofer standing at the door. The system is 3way active using a DEQX. The 2 x MC2301’s drive the 3 electrostatic each side. The 8 - 5 1/2" Dynaudio bass/mid are driven by 2 custom 300w class D amps. 4 speakers on each amp. The subs are dual voice coil 18" JL driven by 2 more of the class D amps. In total 5 x 300watt mono blocks each side. Source at the moment is analogue - Oracle T/T - Graham Phantom arm with Koetsu Onix cartridge. 2nd t/t is a Welltempered with an Airtangent arm with Ortofon Kontrapunkt. My Wadia transport and Chord 64 DAC recently died, so the PS Audio transport and DAC with bridge are in my sights to fill the empty spaces in the cabinet.