Tagging of Tracknumber or Track

Does anybody know whether you should tag the field TRACKNUMBER of TRACK in your FLAC/DSF files? Until recently I used both TRACKNUMBER and TRACK, but now I migrated to only TRACKNUMBER.

I believe the the VORBIS comments suggests to use TRACKNUMBER and also MinimServer used this field.

However DBPoweramp seems to display TRACK in stead of TRACKNUMBER.

So, what should one use: TRACKNUMBER of TRACK?


I have always used track number.

Thanks Elk: what tool do you use for tagging. I use DBPowerAmp and Mp3tag. In the UI of Mp3tag the field TRACK is used, not TRACKNUMBER.

I typically use Foobar.

Remember that what you see in the UI of a tagging program does not necessarily represent what is in the actual file. If a file uses ID3.2 tags, it’s TRCK (or TRK in earlier versions); the iTunes tag is trkn. Vorbis suggests, as you say, TRACKNUMBER but there are no officially required Vorbis tags.

I don’t think this is something you really need to worry about. It’s the job of the tagging software and the player software to handle this and as long as you don’t insist on something totally weird it should all work.

I use dBpoweramp when I rip CD (to FLAC) and mp3tag when I adjust tagging on files I’ve purchased. I’m sure some of files I’ve purchased have ID3v2 tags not Vorbis-style. I’ve have never had a problem.

Also, tag handling in DSF files is more variable across various software packages.

FWIW I too use dBpoweramp for new CD rips to FLAC, mp3tag to adjust tagging, and foobar2000 at random to make tags more consistent. Various releases of each have changed how they default things like , , etc. For a few releases dBpoweramp was putting two versions of each set of track and disc tags into each file…

Both mp3tag and foobar2000 are good at mass updating of such things when you change your mind.