Technical design of the P3

I’m pretty sure I read a couple of years ago that the P3 corrects the incoming AC power, but doesn’t convert it to DC and then back to AC again like the old units used to. However looking at the P3 product page today it definitely says the AC is converted to DC and back again. Have there been any design changes to the P3, or am I remembering wrong? Does it correct the existing AC voltage, or go through full DC conversion?

All the way back to the P300 the Power Plants have been regenerators.

However, the early ones output balanced power. The newer ones do not. Perhaps this is what you are thinking of.

Elk is correct. We do AC/DC conversion as always but differently than older Power Plants which were more inefficient. The newer technology takes the rectified DC from the line just as before, but instead of using the high power supply rails we used to rely upon, they are now smaller and the output signal is locked to the incoming AC such that we can increase efficiency from 50% to 85%.

Cool, thanks for the reply. It was one of those questions that had been nagging at me for a while!