Telos Quantum Noise Resonator & P10

Hi all,

I am new to this forum! So a big HI to all.
I just bought a P10, which will arrive in some days.
So I am counting the seconds… :wink:

My first question: Currently I am using a Telos Quantum Noise Resonator with great success on my Ansuz Mainz D8 Power Distributor, which will be replaced by the P10. Does anyone here have experience on Telos QNR with P10?
Also I have Ansuz Sparks Noise cleaning Plugs - do they work with P10 as well?

Happy about any feedback and opinion / experiences!
Will of course share my experiences, but I am happy to learn from yours!

Best Console

So… I have the P10 running warm since 3 hours. Nice.
General result is already positive. But will wait, until all has settled, before making up opinion. What I already can state is: Telos QNR and Grounding Devices all work with P10 like with my Ansuz Power Distributors. :slight_smile:

hi console,

i am currently trying to decide between the P15 and ansuz mainz8 D2. i have not heard either device yet. but my cabling is ansuz d2 and i know that ansuz devices work sensationally together. i am looking forward to hearing your impressions re: P10 vs mainz d8.

Tough too answer after such a short time with P10… Will feedback in a week, when I have tested more. Best Console