Thank you John Prine buyer...


Thank you to the Forum member who bought The John Prine: Anthology Great Days from me off AGon listing. You know who you are - Thank you!

If you are prowling around AGon and see the seller is Birddogthecat - it’s me!

Sold the CI Audio Transient MkII USB/DAC & VAC 1 Power Supply yesterday within 2 hours of listing!


Mystery Forum Buyer - John Prine is shipping Saturday USPS Priority!


You’re welcome, and no need to keep it a secret. I am not ashamed to like John Prine. :slight_smile: Thanks for the deal. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the price that album is going for on Amazon! :open_mouth:

And I carry the same name on Audiogon as on PS Audio and several other forums: wingsounds13.



@wingsounds13 It was not my privilege to name the buyer. It was within your purview. Thank you.


Acknowledged and appreciated.

As an aside, I have bought a number of pieces of equipment on A’gon but this is my first music purchase.