The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2

Any Roon users did the update yet?

If you have a windows computer, a way to downgrade. Here is the file and procedure.
Mconnect is important for conneting with your Bridge
Link to the updater:
File:9633849 psaudio_0ug_mqrstv_v3.5.1_20180109.img

            Unzip to a temp directory
            Run mConnectSetup.exe
            In the device list click on your bridge
            Click update
            Click choose file
            Click on  psaudio_0ug_mqrstv_v3.5.1_20180109.img
            Click open
            Click update
            Wait 10 minutes
            Click on refresh
            When you bridge show up you can reboot.

Yup! BTW, cover art is broken exactly like you described! I’m rolling back. Probably to 3.3.3. Again, cover art must be incredibly difficult…

I updated to v3.6.2. I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz.

Using Qobuz, everything was great. Album cover art worked perfectly, no matter what track/album I played, and no matter what bit rate.

As soon as I switch over to Tidal, the cover art functionality breaks. The sad thing is, when I then switch back to Qobuz, it remains broken. AND, it is also stuck on the “MQA” label (if that was the last stream type) no matter what FLAC file I stream on Qobuz. The bit rate changes and reports accurately from Qobuz track to track, but the “MQA” label sticks. The only way to resolve it is a hard reboot!

What did 3.6.2 fix?

It appears to have fixed the problems described here, and likely also described in other places. Specifically that is a drop out of sound in the first second or two when moving from a PCM track to an MQA track. And also some clicks and pops when changing from DSD tracks to PCM. And also seems to have fixed the problem of the Bridge II not recognizing as MQA a previously decoded MQA file from Roon if Roon performed DSP on the file.

I am delighted to see this stuff working, at long last.

Had similar problem. Solved by rebooting computer with Roon Core, confirming that Source was bridge, and then playing a file thru bridge from the Core computer. The file played and bridge then functioned correctly

Some winners and some losers: :neutral_face:

Seems no cover art, at least when running Roon.

That did the trick!
Phew…got my music back.

Thanks very much man.

With the DSJ, the Bridge II update has gone without a hitch, took around 5 minutes. Roon/ Tidal works as it should. I have around 300 DSD albums, and I generally prefer to upsample PCM to DSD prior to sending it to the DSJ - I like the smoothing effect of DSD upsampling. Works well with Roon/HQPlayer via USB, but the pops have been problematic over the Bridge II. I listened for 30 minutes last night and didn’t hear any pops so far, will do more listen to test…

help, I’m waiting for guests tonight for an audio evening and after trying … 3 hours later there was always the little update icon … I closed and reopened and there is more than bridge … I unplugged 10 minutes and try again and no bridge yet … I do not use the USB Can you help me … thank you

I was able to determine the upgrade must have failed. The software version for the bridge reads 0.0.0 the upgrade screen says bridge update not available. Is there a way to retry to download?


The post earlier in the thread here is what your looking for…

Download mconnect.exe and the Bridge firmware file you want to load.
Run Mconnect, select your Bridge and and click update.
Browse to firmware file and click update.

I reinstalled 3.6.2. this way in case it was a bad flash that caused my issue, it wasn’t.

Big thanks to the team at PS Audio for this update,
Once I sat down and listened to it I think theres overall improvement in sound quality, suspect the Bridge is maybe working better with the latest version of RAAT in Roon, better soundstaging, more clarity and best of all the music is even more effortless, from 16/44 all the way up.

One thing I’ve noticed playing Tidal MQA in Roon is that all MQA albums flag up on the display in green, even when Roon states they are authenticated as Studio MQA.
Anyone else see this?

Thank you. I will try this tomorrow.

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Did you get music playing for your event? Hope so!

I updated to v3.6.2. Regarding cover art:

No cover art is displayed after the first track of an album when using Tidal. Cover art is displayed only when changing an album.

This is not a new problem just introduced with v3.6.2. This behavior goes back to v3.5.1 which is the only other BridgeII code I am familiar with. mConnect on my iPad shows the cover art correctly.

Yah, I’ll have to mention the artwork on the update being flakey. It shows for a few tracks on a playlist then it takes a hike. This stuff shouldn’t be that hard to keep working.

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Delay when switching between tracks is gone, thanks for the update! (I recognized I had 2.5.1 installed previously for unknown reason)