The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2


thank you for the good information.
After 6 days of rage with 3.6.2, I put 3.5.1 and after 4 hrs of playlist the covers are still there. Everything is back in order. in my case 3.6.2 net really not good


Greetings from PS Audio,

First let us thank you for choosing our products and company.
We simply cannot do this without your support and assistance.

We are presently aware of an issue with the latest Bridge II firmware update that is interfering with receiving artwork with the Bridge II.
We are currently working with the team at Convers to find a quick resolution to this issue and will release a fixed version of 3.6.2 when one is available.

Several customers have requested a tutorial to downgrade the firmware to version 3.5.1.
This is the tutorial for this:

You will be required to have a Windows computer on the same network as the bridge to install this firmware.
You’ll be using an app called mConnect Setup.
Click here to download the app:

Open mConnect.

You should see your bridge named in the left panel under the mConnect logo.
If this list is empty try changing the network adapter if possible in the drop-down menu or click Refresh.
When you find your bridge, select it.

Then, click the link below.

The firmware will download to your PC in the downloads folder.

Then push the update button and click Chose File.
Browse to the 3.5.1 firmware file.

Click update once more and allow the firmware to install.
You can view the new version on the firmware version line.
It should now be 3.5.1.

If you continue to have trouble please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help out.
Thanks again and kind wishes,

  • Jeremy


Thanks, Jeremy.


Thanks man!!! I was so pissed at loosing gapless with DSD again! Thanks again!


Jeremy, MConnectSetup is a Windows app. Some of us need instructions for the Mac, iPhone, or iPad. I sent an email to that address this morning but have not heard back.


Okay, I just received this email:

Hi George,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.
On behalf of PS Audio let me apologize for the artwork issues stemming from our latest Bridge II update.
We are actively working on a fix for the firmware that will solve this and will release it as soon as it is ready.

The instructions to downgrade the Bridge II only work on a Windows platform only so per your request I won’t send them.

The alternative would be to send the unit to us and we will downgrade it.
Let me know if this is something you’d like to do and I’ll get you an RMA.

TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I won’t send my unit in. Your upgrades have always been touted as user-managed and have been fine up until this unmitigated charlie foxtrot of a disaster. To tell me to send my unit in is absurd.

My network and my streaming is Mac-based. Are you saying you DO NOT support Mac users? Isn’t your boss, Paul, a Mac user? Your telling me that you did not think of this beforehand?

This is pretty bad…


Hi glmoneo,

You are absolutely right in that the application is Windows specific.
The only option for our Apple users would be to send the Bridge II in to have it downgraded here in the factory.
That being said we are having detailed conversations with Convers and the situation is changing rapidly.
We’ll know alot more about the firmware performance in the coming weeks.
If you would rather have the firmware changed just reach out to me at and I’ll get you going.

  • Jeremy


Un. Effing. Believable.

So now I know that you consider Mac users second-class citizens. Let them eat Windows, I guess. If this is the way it is, this DOES NOT make me want to purchase your OCTAVE music server. At all.


Octave will be Linux. :slight_smile:

It should not take much to find a Windows laptop to borrow for a short bit, or take up Jeremy’s offer to have PS Audio install the earlier software on your Bridge. It will just take a couple of days.

I admit being a little surprised you are not running Bootcamp or otherwise have means for running Window’s programs given how comparatively little runs on Macs.

I do understand the bother of putting additional effort in the process in any event.


Hi glmoneo,

You are right that this is completely our mistake.
In no way do we want you to feel like a second class customer.
You are very important to us and we will do all that we can to help solve this.

I see your email in my inbox.
I’ll reach out to you directly to discuss options other than sending the Bridge II to us.

  • Jeremy



I. Hate. Windows. I used that OS for almost twenty years because I had to. Until I didn’t have to. I’ve never looked back. It’s bad enough I have to use that POS at work. It’s crap.


Yes, you previously made this clear when labeling Windows users “zombies.”

But the reality remains Windows is by far the most prevalent OS. By electing to be contrary you also need to be flexible.

Work with Jeremy. He will get you fixed up.


No, I don’t have to flexible. Why should I be treated differently? The Mac is a mature platform. It is a FAR superior platform both in performance and usability ACROSS THE BOARD to Redmond’s rickety nightmare. The last time those bozos released a rock solid and stable OS was 18 years ago: Windows 2000.


@glmoneo I agree that Bridge II firmware v3.6.2 is buggy and I agree that it would be preferable if there were a way to roll back the Bridge II’s firmware using a Mac. However, I do not agree that PS Audio is somehow obligated to provide customers with Mac-specific rollback software.

Attacking PS Audio over this situation strikes me as unwarranted. PS Audio has perhaps the most customer-friendly policies of any audio component manufacturer. From its return policy to its trade-in policy to upgrade policies, to providing this forum and having its employees, designers and OWNER participate actively in the forum (I saw that @Paul responded to a customer recently while on vacation!), PS Audio is the benchmark by which other companies should be judged.

The fact that PS Audio gives away firmware updates and allows customers to do home installs in the Bridge II and DS is, itself, something special. (By contrast, I was looking at an expensive preamp from another major U.S. audio company, but passed on it in part because firmware updates had to be installed at the dealer – for a fee – or at the manufacturer.)

I am sorry your Bridge II is stuck currently on v3.6.2 … I am sure that is frustrating. PS Audio is trying to make the situation right for you and everyone in the same boat. If you do not have software to run Windows programs on your Mac, and you cannot borrow a Windows PC, and you don’t want to ship your DS to PS Audio (and I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t), then you can simply wait for the next Bridge II firmware update.


You can install Wine on your Mac. I would imagine mconnect will run through Wine on your Mac.


This would be a good time to have a map with member locations. I would not mind helping a local member with my Windows laptop. I’m in San Diego, BTW.




Part of the problem glmoneo is not understanding is that mconnect is Conversdigital’s software, not PS Audio’s. So PS Audio has no control over OS specific software to interface with the hardware. Windows users outrank macOS users 4 to 1 worldwide. So we can see why Windows applications are prioritized over macOS. If people want to be upset, petition Conversdigital, not PS Audio as they have no control over these applications.


Bootzilla, I’m not attacking anyone. I’m simply stating truth.

Your premise is wrong. PS Audio has won over the hearts and minds of audiophiles PRECISELY BECAUSE of the upgradeability of their equipment, whether it’s a DS DAC or a DMP. It is part of their DNA. I’ve spent a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money on PS Audio equipment and am considering spending more of my money buying their new music server and new speakers. Nobody ever said that only Windows users should apply. To be told that because I use macOS or iOS I cannot have the same functionality as those who use the Windows is UNACCEPTABLE. As a former software testing manager I can tell you that this is a big mistake that would be a showstopper. Jeremy never disclosed on the forum that Mac users couldn’t roll back. He just posted the Windows instructions and left it at that. I had no hint that I couldn’t roll back until he emailed in reply to my email of this morning, I’m guessing it was not even a consideration. Again, second class citizens.

This is not the way to treat customers. I love my PS Audio products: my outlet, my Juice Bars, my DS DAC, my DMP, my cables. But there is a serious disconnect here that is being revealed for the first time and I don’t like it one bit.


90% of the code base used for developing Windows applications can be used for the Mac. I call BS. ConversDigital develops several iOS apps. macOS is not that much different.