The SHOW - Costa Mesa

Spent 2 days at THE SHOW at the Hilton Costa Mesa this weekend. Hopefully they will continue to do an LA area show every year, and PS Audio will join in next time!

Joe Cali did an amazing job with 30 minute demos in his Gryphon room and of course sounded great.
Other favs were Scott Walker Estelon room and the High End by OZ room with Lansche speakers.
SVS - fun show of music and home theatre – great price performance for HT.

But – The SHOW made me appreciate my FR30’s, PS Audio gear, and pricing all the more – costs were crazy in almost every room.


Did the Scott Walker room with Estelon involve magic fuses, towers, and little black boxes?

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he had a bunch of rooms - he only did all that stuff in Magico room

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Nowadays I like to refer to those as the “powered kazoo room” at the shows. It almost doesn’t matter what speakers are there. The side show is the main attraction.

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