The World's Best Preamp? August 1977


Wow! Audio Magazine. Where did you get this? I’ve been searching for the one that was Rediscover Your Records and $59.95. Thanks for this. I’d forgotten we’d gone $30 higher.

I just tried to place an order for this and the linear control center but the kind folks at ps audio politely blocked my number - lol .


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Wow. Thank you! That was our first classified ad. Thanks! If you find the Rediscover Your Records 6th of a page ad that would be wonderful.

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You da’ man! Do you have a collection of audio magazines? Thanks!!

Return in 10 days! It needs 60 days to break in! :wink:

Well done!

Back in November we discussed the Audio magazine ads.
You said “I am guessing 1975 or 1976 but likely closer to 1975”.

The 3 I posted above are all from 1977.
I can not find any from 75 or 76.
Do you think I have missed them or could you first ad actually been in 1977?

I probably have that issue of Audio magazine that your first ad appeared in.
Do you know what month and year it was?

Paul McGowan November 27, 2017 at 7:08 am #
Wow. That would be awesome. I am trying to look for one. It would have been in the back. It was a 6th of a page black and white ad with a title Rediscover Your Records. I am guessing 1975 or 1976 but likely closer to 1975

It is possible. That’s a lot of years for me to try and remember.

Thank you! I had forgotten this one as well.

December 1977

May 1977

Thanks for this. I remember taking rub on letters and adding the II to an existing phono preamp to make this picture.

January 1978

Feb 1978