Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH


I imagined he would not want to go through the roon certification program. And roon, lately, is not allowing devices to ship with roon server (only their own nucleus). So everyone is trying to break free. Innuos did their own server/app. Acqua walked away from the certification.

Anyway, if he is shipping with a custom HQPlayer version, he must have enable dsd to pcm conversion. If not, send him a note. It should be easy peasy configuring.

Edgar believes DSD is a crime against God, Man, and Nature. He has zero interest in supporting it.

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I kind of agree with him. But using HQP to down convert to pcm (you can also do this in roon server, but HQP does a better job) is by no means supporting dsd. As a matter of fact, it is exterminating dsd before it reaches his software.

I will ask Edgar to add the convert to PCM option.

I’m new to this thread. Would this software work with a Roon Nucleus server or must it be installed only on a Mac or PC computer?

You need a Mac mini. Won’t work on your nucleus, or in a non-mac computer.

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Thanks, I guess it would work on my MacBook too.

You should better get some advice from Prof Edgar. This way, you won’t go wrong.


There may be useful or interesting info in this screenshot:

What does PCM do?

PCM is just the reporting of the output format. Same as the sampling rate of 96khz.

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Just so you can see, this is the config page of hqplayer desktop.

In the drop menu where it says source/pcm/sdm is where you select the output format. I source it will always follow the source format. In pcm it will output always in PCM, and therefore convert all dsd sources to pcm. In dsd the same logic applies. So, for you to listen to dsd using bacch, it would be as simple as selecting PCM on that first drop menu.

Below is the filter selection. 1x applies to 44.1khz sources. Nx applies to every other format. And sample rate sets the output rate.

Hope it helps

As I have mentioned before, the HQP settings on the BACCH-SP are locked. I can’t change them.

This is clear. My intention was just to give you a glimpse of what setting Prof Edgar would have to tweak, showing how easy it would (or should) be.

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I swapped out the stock power cable for my Mac mini with an aftermarket cable (to IEC C7). Not quite swapping out the power supply but everything does seem to sound better to me with a simple cable swap. Plugged into my P20.


I tried Shunyata C7 budget NR cord before power supply swap to12 Volt LPS. I liked it better Shunyata NR power cord than stock cord. That one looks serious at 10 guage !


It is heavy duty! I didn’t want to go crazy expensive and this was very reasonable for a very good quality cable (their top line PC).