There and back again

True audio rats are constantly jostling speakers and gear to get the most out of them. I’ve been on a mission to rid myself of things between the speakers and the resulting sound was more “open” (duh).
Now, I’ve done the opposite. Components are back between the speakers, and the resulting sound is
a bit “less open” (double duh).
This trade off, however, comes with an overiding advantage. Shorter cable runs. Now I can more easily afford the cable or cord in that shorter length. This is especially true for those with solid silver conductors that can cost thousands by the meter. I have one meter AQ Dragon power cords and hope to get shorter signal and speaker cables. So, I loose a little “air” but gain with access to better connections. It’s working for me.


Love the simplicity of your system. Also looks like not having the components in your corner shelves let you put a nice bass trap over there.


Yeah, I keep moving the traps around, sort of a love/hate relationship. I also made 1/2 traps for side and rear walls that are also marginal. The diffusers (especially on the side walls) are keepers.


Did you remodel this room?

Mostly moved stuff around. The components used to be in the closet off to the side, now they are front and center, which was the original placement. The diffusers, traps, (old) and the stand (new) are my build.
Oh, the SR Black Box is relatively new. It unfortunately sounds best right in the traffic pattern.

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Nice work on the equipment stand!


Clean and sweet!

No subs? Did you ever try subs with that setup?

I have had subs in the past. The FR 30’s reproduce lower than my room can reproduce. I can get another half octave ( low 30’s ) if I sit 20 feet further back from my speakers.

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End game kit for sure.

Yeah, I know what you mean by the FR 30’s reproducing lower than your room can handle (I have that problem with the FR20’s in my smaller room). I was thinking the subs might help with “more open” with the components in the middle.

In any case, I’d sure enjoy looking at that gear while listening if I had it; and saving on ridiculously expensive cables would be an added bonus.


Very nice.

Through a vinyl rig on top of that rack and your all set :wink:


Love the rack!
Can you tell us a little bit about it? Sorry if I missed it in another thread…