Thiel CS3.7 Speakers for Sale

Here’s your chance to get a pair of speakers that are on Stereophile’s Top 25 Speakers of All Time list for a fraction of their list price. They were just inspected and re-certified by Thiel’s Rob Gillum in 2014, have new boxes, the $600 optional outrigger spikes and I’m willing to meet someone within 200 miles of St. Louis for pickup.

I’ve listened to a lot of speakers and I passed up a number of more expensive speakers, such as the Wilson Sophia 3’s and the Revel Salon 2’s before I finally found something I like better…the Wilson Sasha 2’s. That’s more than twice the price of these Thiels and that’s about what you’d have to pay to beat them. My new Sasha’s are due to arrive in a couple of weeks, so the Thiels need a new home. I’m asking $5000, but will entertain all reasonable offers.

Send me a private messaage or text me at 314-351-2379. You can see these on Audiogon as well.