THIEL MCS1, L/C/R with dedicated stands

I bought these for my old home, moved 2 years ago and they’ve been in a corner of my office ever since. I really could use the space for something better than storage. :slight_smile: and these speakers deserve to be listened to. If you’ve ever heard Thiel, you know how perfectly crystal clear these are!!!

I don’t have boxes, so I would prefer not to ship (also it would be expensive since they are very heavy and the stands are awkward to box). If you are within reasonable driving distance, I can deliver (or meet half way, from NH).

Asking $1500 for all 3 including the dedicated L/R vertical stands and the horizontal center channel stand. That’s a STEAL for these awesome speakers!!!

Hi. Are these still available ?

Hi, yes they are. Where are you located? Due to the size and weight, shipping is not the best option (plus I have no boxes).