Things that can be done

Generally speaking I stream music from my Melco N1Z to the DS DAC as most of my downloads are 24/96 , there is a smattering of 24/192 and some DSD single rate plus a couple of double rate DSD , I would download more 2x DSD but the use of USB to play the files is a backward step in sound quality and not worth the listen . Which leads me to a comment that Paul made on Ask Paul “CD vs NAS” it was towards the end of the segment where he is speaking about the USB input how it’s good but there are a few things that can be done to improve the sound . Now these are not Paul’s exact words but it was implied , would you be so kind as to ask him what he was not going to say . Was he talking about an interface of some kind . I would like very much to be able to use the USB input for more DSD files .
Thankyou kindly
Leigh Ammitzboll

There are a lot of USB tweaks but you might check out the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 thread:

Just by itself it can sound better than using USB direct. You can also improve that with an external power supply and/or cable rolling.

Very happy with my Melco N1ZS10 -> Audioquest Diamond usb -> Matrix X-SPDIF2 -> Audioquest Mocha HDMI -> Directstream sr :+1:

Thankyou Ted and Wijber I will look into it , I think I’ve got a PS Audio I2S cable somewhere I’ll start with that .