Tidal angst @PerfectWave MKII DAC with Bridge II mConnectControl HD: 2.4.7

HI and thanks for allowing me in and to ask my questions.

I’m using my iPad as described in the title above - PerfectWave MKII DAC with Bridge II mConnectControl HD: 2.4.7. One of the best DAC’s produced here, sounds amazing…but…

Playing MQA files the bit rate shows aac 44.1KHz 16 bit 97 kbps. Corresponding screen on the DAC shows 44.1/16.

What do I need to do to get higher res please?

What Bridge firmware version do you have? An update was done about a year ago to allow MQA unfolding in the Bridge, but I don’t know what firmware version that was. The latest Firmware version is/was 3.6.2, but that had bugs and is no longer available. I believe versions 3.3.3 and 3.5.1 will allow MQA to be unfolded.

Hi pmotz
I’m having 3.6.2.

Check your Tidal settings using the Desktop app and make sure that with one of their updates they didn’t change your settings for streaming quality. It has happened to me multiple times this year alone.

Hi dawkinsj
The Tidal desktop continues to access and play Master MQA files. It’s fully updated.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Well the firmware is probably not the problem! While I think you have done it already, I would double check check all your settings in Tidal. As dawkinsj mentioned updates can change things. I’m not at home so I can’t review my settings, but as a side note, I discovered I can’t play TIDAL to my iPad off of MControl HD. I get a message that there is either a delay in streaming or the file format (M4A) is not supported (it is). Hopefully someone else will identify the issue for you. Good luck!

Thanks pmotz

Every time I have seen what you are seeing it has been the Tidal settings and was preceded by a Tidal update. As recently as last week. If all else fails sign completely out of Tidal on both the Desktop app and mConnect and sign back in.

Have you gone into the settings of the Control App to verify it is set to Hifi/Master quality? It is not set that way in the app by default.

You mentioned your Desktop app is set correctly but based on your initial post, I thought the issue was with the Mconnect Control app, not the Tidal desktop application.

As an update I shipped the BridgeII to the PSA USA recently. They tested it as perfect. Including testing my membership access to Master; all works just fine. Since the MQA is unfolded in the BridgeII I guess I’ll have to wait and see if the mysterious issue is fixed. Awaiting BridgeII return by USPS. Thanks to Jeremy…and fingers crossed.

Well back again. Now the BridgeII is reinstalled after its trip to PS Audio in the USA. No change. The ConverseDig s/ware will not enable selection of Masters/Studio service in the app. But my desktop Tidal shows my full Masters membership clearly.


I’m sorry this isn’t working as expected for you. I actually tested this module personally with my phone and was able to select HiFi/Master and play an MQA track. What app were you using “mconnect Player Lite”, “mconnect Player”, or, “mcontrol app”? Also what version does it say is installed. Also can you let me know are you using an android, or iphone device? I will work with ConversDigital to understand why yours is not working specifically.


G’day Matt

Nice to meet you and thanks.

Here’s the details you ask…

I’m using mConnect Control and mConnect Control HD on iOS iPad and my iPhone.

I’m really wondering lol.

Everything is updated and kosher as far as I can tell. There is something stopping the selection beyond Tidal normal option. This is why we are unable to stream beyond 44.1/24/96.

I’ve tried using with and without VPN it didn’t make any difference.

I look forward to hear from you.


Finally conquered the glitches. It was not PS Audio but the Tidal app. I removed the app on my iPad. I reloaded it and voila the hifi subscription was enabled for selection. Full MQA decoding on my Perfectwave doc se was now configured. Yabba dabba do! Thanks PS Audio Jeremy and Matt for your patience and perseverance. Better music follows.


Glad it has been resolved and is working correctly now! Some of these networking things have so many moving parts it is hard to identify where the problem is, but I’m glad you were able to find and resolve it!


Thank you Matt.



Thanks for letting us know you found the problem.


You’re most welcome. I’m happy to contribute to building community knowledge.


Paul and Team
Is the new Snowmass software release suitable for my set PerfectWave DAC with Network BridgeII?

Snowmass is a DirectStream DAC product, not a PerfectWave DAC product.