Tidal Exclusive mode/IMAC and Stellar Dac - Volume Issues

Hello, just wanted to let you know that Ive been having some issues after latest update from Tidal. I have an IMAC connected to Stellar DAC. After the latest upgrade of Tidal, when selecting exclusive mode so the Tidal can control the computer to change the sample from red book to Master MQA file, the computer automatically lowers the gain on the DAC, well below to any acceptable level even at max volume on the DAC. I tried to change setting but computer won’t let me increase gain. When I de-select the feature of exclusive mode then I have not issues with volume, but then I would have to change the sample setting manually. I open a trouble ticket to Tidal, but wondering if anybody else if experiencing the same thing.

Update - just changed the DAC and same thing happened - ummm so don’t think is the DAC, something funky is going on with the IMAC and dont know how to fix it.

Tidal help me fix the issue - disabling loudness normalization under steaming settings - now a happy camper

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