TIDAL High Resolution 2023 (Apps, FLAC and sound quality)

The people who prefer their setup wouldn’t have a reason to change plus the switch to all conventional Hi Res is not going to happen until the current label contracts run out and the labels contracts with MQA run out.

Anyone else seeing albums previously in MQA now available in “MAX” which is TIDAL’s new high resolution FLAC stream?

This album was MQA just a few days ago and I’m not finding multiple versions.

Are the MQA files that have the Max option still available as well?

Curiously yours.

@scotte1 I am specifically confused about that.

On TIDAL’s home page in the sound quality marketing section, MQA nor the “Masters” badge are NO LONGER mentioned.

However, MQA is still mentioned on the pricing page (see captures).

I would like to hear from some other TIDAL subscribers who are seeing changes.

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It is interesting. My gut tells me existing files are likely to remain but expansion of the MQA library may be in jeopardy.

I guess time will tell.


Golden Sound just posted some testing conclusions in the Roon forum.

Very interesting.


This was posted yesterday in the Roon forum.


Noticed this on Reddit.

Just received this mail from Tidal :wink:

Did TIDAL just increase their total number of tracks? For some reason, thought they had 10 million.

I haven’t counted them yet…

I just finished counting. I got to 9,998,987. I may have counted one track twice.


I no longer have a DAC with an MQA light so I’m flying blind when using the desktop app.

I have a dilemma. I have a Direct Stream DAC Mk.1 w/ Bridge II. Using USB, I’m able to stream both Qobuz and Tidal at 352.8khz/24 resolution. Using XLR, I’m able to get 192/24 using Qobuz, but with Tidal, the highest resolution I get is 48/24. What gives?

Are you using Roon, the native apps or some other source for Q & T?

A nice change. Hopefully, we will see it in Android and others.

iOS only as of now.

Tidal will finally let you see which hi-res tracks are FLAC versus MQA

via Digital Trends

If anyone sees these changes in an iOS app, please post.

I noticed additional changes in the TIDAL Mac OS app today regarding format badges.

An excellent improvement as we can now visually tell if a stream is 16/44 FLAC, high resolution FLAC or MQA.

Conventional 16/44 FLAC

Conventional HR FLAC


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True high-res Tidal at last …


@bootzilla quite cool isn’t it.

BluOS must still be working on the switch or, maybe with the Lenbrook purchase, MQA will be a permanent stream?

TIDAL Mac OS app (this album was MQA until the last month or so):

BluOS iOS app (still MQA):

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