Tidal on Mac?


I’m trying to play Tidal to my DS DAC via Mac Mini and it seems to be stuck on 24 bit and I can’t change that setting (as opposed to sampling rate) via Audio Midi. Thoughts? For my own music I use J River but understand that is not yet supporting Tidal for MAC. Thanks in advance.


I am not sure about your question. If you mean that DS is following what the Audio Midi settings are that’s normal. The only way to have DS play what I would call ‘native’ sample rate, the sample rate natively found on the source without upsampling, is to use a program like Bit Perfect or JRiver which take over the Mini’s audio engine.


I know I need to use JRiver, Amarra, etc for automatic switching (and do for my own music). The thing is none of my software supports TIDAL for MAC yet (AFAIK). So I wanted to go into Audio Midi to switch manually to 16/44. However, while my MAC Mini will let me change sample rate to 44, it will not let me reset bit depth to 16. So when I use TIDAL, DAC reads 24/44 (which make sense since Audio Midi set to 24/44). In other words, this is not a DAC issue, it’s a MAC issue on switching output to 16 bit rather than 24 bit in Audio Midi.


I’m not sure why Apple Midi Setup won’t allow you to pick 16 bits (I no loner have a Mac plugged into the USB on my DS so can’t try it) but does it matter? Does this cause Tidal not to play? When the Mac plays a 16 bit file as 24 bits it just pads the file with 8 zero bits so it should not change the sound.


Padding zeros are ignored by the DS and if you just add zeros to a 16 bit file the DS would still report 16 bits. Usually a report of 24 bits on a file that’s known to be 16 bits means that the player or OS is doing volume control (or replay gain, etc.) or outright DSP (filtering, HDCD handling, sample rate conversion, etc.)

Still there’s no reason to truncate to 16 bits, the real solution is to find out if the processing that’s going on is wanted.


Thanks Ted–as usual it’s that pesky volume control again. I thought the TIDAL volume slide was all the was up but apparently was a shade below full. As soon as I fixed that resolution returned to 16 bits. Of course I spent hours messing around with this trying different computers when I should have just listened to great music produced by the DS…can’t believe I waited this long to upgrade, Bravo Ted (and Paul and team)