I have spent several hours on the forums but the technology is obviously changing rapidly and I am confused. My system includes a MAC, iphone, QNAP. If I get a Bridge II, can I stream Tidal with this setup?? If so,how?? I gather that it doesn’t work with IOS but that my QNAP might offer me a way to do this. I am not interested in Android.

So a few ways that I can think of off hand. I am fairly new to this as well.

  1. Mconnect Control App on your iPhone - can log into tidal on that and stream through to the bridge II

  2. Tidal on your mac, but you would be using USB not Ethernet (I think)

  3. Roon - you could make your NAS run Roon as a server (depending on hardware, they recommend your Qnap have Intel I3 or better, though it seems people are running successfully with lesser processors, this would also allow Tidal streaming, but would add a new subscription/or lifetime membership

I am sure you will hear more, and hopefully from Mac users, there are a whole lot of them here!

I hope this helps!

No problem over here streaming Tidal (even mqa :wink: with the Bridge II using IOS mconnect Control as control point. This way there’s even no need for a MAC or other computer; just hook up the Bridge to your router (hooked up mine straight to the router, if preferred you can use a switch), install mconnect Control on your iphone, select the Bridge as renderer, select and activate your Tidal subscription and you’re ready to go. This way you also can stream directly from your QNAP without MAC or other pc. Mconnect Control will recognize your QNAP server and from there you can select and play your local stored files. Happy listening!!