too few volume controls - help appreciated


For several years, I’ve used Squeezebox Touch (SBT) as my streaming devices. The SBT has built-in volume control over its digital outputs. It all works perfectly. But then Logitech abandoned support for additional music apps and Beats/Apple killed MOG.

I’m wanting to take TIDAL for a trial spin using the optical out connector on my Apple MacBook Pro. It makes the connection, but I can’t figure out how to turn the volume DOWN. The Sound control under System Preference shows no volume control over the laptop’s digital Headphone port. Anyone here using their Mac as a streaming device using the Headphone port?

I was hoping to keep this simple. I’m aware of the work-a-round using the SBT+Logitech Media Server software plus ickStream, but was hoping to avoid that solution.


Volume control should work normally also for 3,5" jack out on mbpro.

Maybe try to run “Audio MIDI Setup” app and try to change volume of “Built-in Output” device volume to see if it helps.

You can find Audio MIDI Setup app in Finder - Applications - Utilities.