too many volume controls - help appreciated


Can anyone steer me toward general info on calibrating multiple volume/gain controls that you’ve found helpful?

The situation:

I am currently juggling five different volume controls in my main playback system, beginning with JRMC:

In order,

-JRMC (I would disable it, but that doesn’t seem possible when playing the Bridge through ethernet- is that right?)

-PS Audio PWD

-DSPeaker Anti-Mode Dual-Core 2.0 (great room neutralizer)

-Nu-Force MCP-18 analog preamp (supposed to have a near-SOTA “stepped attenuator”)

-upgraded Behringer outboard crossover (needed for my Emerald Physics speakers)

So many gain controls makes trial-and-error pretty difficult, so I am looking for some overarching principles to guide me -

-should the WORST volume controls in the chain (if they can’t be disabled) be set HIGH, LOW, or in-between?

  • what about the BEST volume controls?


I’m not sure but I don’t think the volume adjustment in JRMC works with the Bridge so I don’t think there is anything to disable. In general I would set them all (but one–probably the preamp) to max (or zero gain if there is such a setting). The PWD has a good volume control but if it goes very low (below say 50) it starts throwing away useful bits, like most digital volume controls.


Thanks, that’s helpful and corresponds with what some folks at a local hi-fi shop just told me.

One thing, though - the JRMC volume control slider does change the volume when playing through the Bridge. Wish I could disable it, but maybe it’s not possible.


JRMC vol control can be set to “internal” or “system” in the settings


I have mine (JRMC 19 Mac) set to disabled. I usually play over USB. I have a separate player for the Bridge but the volume setting does not appear there. I just tried playing over the Bridge and the volume slider does work there. I suggest leaving it at 100.