I came across my first issue with Torreys. I attempted to play Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer on my PWT. I am getting snapping noises during playback via I2S. I moved the CD to my CD changer which uses Coaxial to connect to the DAC. I do not get the snapping noises. I have never had this happen with Yale.

Thanks, there’s code that tries to auto detect the I2S polarities. Could you try pressing pause, and then unpause it for me and let me know if that changes things?

What kind of disk is it? Sample Rate and bit depth?


The popping noise he’s hearing is a bug in the I2S polarity autosense algo. It only affects the I2S over HDMI connectors inputs.

Ted, under what conditions does the bug reveal itself? I have been using the PWT with Torreys via I2S with no issue.

We tested the PWT and new PWT with multiple sample rates and did not see a problem, but several customers are reporting issues. It must be right on the edge.


I tested with the PWT and NPC and I’m sure PS Audio did similarly - I don’t know what’s different about sixpack1’s PWT (or possibly source material), but he’s not the only one finding anomalies with the autosense feature. It appears that some sources need more hysteresis to converge on the correct polarities and some others already take too long so I need a more intelligent search or I have an outright bug that simulations and my sources don’t excite.

I moved a couple of posts from this thread commenting on the sound of Gabriel’s So to the main Torreys thread so that we can reserve this thread to discussion of the autosense feature.

Has anyone had this issue on recordings in addition to So? I have played a good number of CDs on my PWT via I2S with no issue.

Sledgehammer from my SACD ISO rip thru USB sounds great - as I mentioned in the other thread - if it’s only when using the HDMI I2S input it’s almost certainly the I2S polarity detector that’s causing the problems.

BTW I’d never heard Sledgehammer before and it was a fun listen. (Yeh, I know: I don’t get out much :slight_smile: )

Ted, I tried pressing the pause and releasing it again I still got the snaps at the 4,5, 12, 16,17 seconds points. So far i have not heard this on any other tracks on this disk or disks.