Tosca Puccini

Listen right now to Maria Callas 1953 Tosca 24bit but the sound quality is not so great;

I Wonder what you recommend

Ps sadly There is not a dsd file of Callas Tosca to buy

Track #7

It’s been a while since this is recorded, doesn’t get any better than this I’m afraid.
It is beautiful music though. When I was a little boy my whole family sang along while doing the dishes. My dad was an audiophile, he introduced me to Audiophiles Anonymous. Good memories.

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Hi and thanks but i could not open the link, here in Scandinavia;
What was the name of the link?

Ps. I must get some latter version of Maria Callas Tosca, her voice is so Amazing!

This is the latest I can find. Sorry @Buho but you have to get used to the fact she passed away and I don’t think she’ll come back since I am positive she was “cleared to stay”…

Is tis the 1953 edition?