Toslink cable

cocktail Audio X50D connect toslink cable to DSDAC

no sound why ?

More details would be helpful. For instance:
Does a different toslink cable work?

I try another cable

another cable no sound , x50d specification ?

Is there a small green dot or a small red dot in the upper right of the big button on the DS’s display? If it’s red the cable probably isn’t seated right, if it’s green then the DS is getting a valid signal, but either the source or the DS is muted or there’s something wrong after the DS.

Does the DS show a sample rate and sample width when you are trying to play? If not then there’s something wrong with the TOSLink connection or the source. If there is a sample rate displayed then the TOSLink connection is fine. If there’s no sample rate display then either the TOSLink connection is bad or there’s something wrong with the source.

At times a new TOSLink receptacle and/or new cable can be a little hard to seat. Press firmly and squarely until the shoulder of the TOSLink cable’s end is against the TOSLink receptacle.

yes small green dot and sample rate is display.
I think may be x50d problem
thank you

play with ROON , toslink connect is OK
not use ROON , no sound.