Trio A-100 amps - clicking / popping noises


One amp was purchased new, one pre-owned. Both used briefly in late '08 / early '09 before being stored (indoors, climate controlled, zero humidity) until recently.

Both amps now generate a rapid then decreasing to steady clicking or popping noise. Inputs, mono, stereo makes no difference. Problem remains with only power and speaker/s connected.

What would cause this problem to appear after an extended period of non use? Is this a known issue? Fixable? Cost effective?

The associated DLIII and P-200 pre amp function perfectly having been used and stored identically.


I haven’t the foggiest notion. Never heard of such a thing. That one would do this is suspicious, that two do something identical makes me think it’s related to something else, what I don’t know. Is there any chance you can try this in a different system or situation? Otherwise you’ll have to return them for us to have a look see.


Thanks Paul, that’s a very logical approach which I can try in the next week or so.