TRL NC1200 available


This is a little preliminary as I don’t have all the information as yet (exact specs, images, etc), however, due to what I would imagine would be a high level of interest, I thought I’d post this offer.

I am having a friend build a pair of Hypex ncore 400 monoblocks for me. He has recently offered me a pair of Tube Research Labs (designer Paul Weitzel) ncore 1200 amplifiers. These are normally $9k per pair at retail, but the asking price for these is $4950 before any shipping/direct deposit/paypal fees, if relevant. Unfortunately, this is still out of my price range and, due to the fact that my friend cannot market these at their asking price, I offered to pass it along.

The details I know thus far: chassis milled out of solid aluminum, 1200 watts into 2Ohms, custom power connector (Neutric I believe) with custom power cord included (2m I believe), and somewhere between 10 and 20 pounds each. They ship in an Anvil HD case and have a warranty (don’t know details).

Paul Weitzel is apparently guarded about circuit design, but all indications from my friend indicate that these are not a direct OEM build.

So, again, throwing this out there to fellow PS Audio forum members. The seller is James Romeyn, of James Romeyn Music and Audio and primeVibe, and he is an outstanding guy. He would be happy to answer any questions and provide more information as you desire. Send me a message and I’ll pass along email and cell.