Trouble recording from NPC to VinylStudio

I’ve archived vinyl in the past, but not for quite some time. My recent attempts have failed because of no Record volume in VinylStudio. I’m using the latest versions of the program and Mac OS. The program recognizes the NPC and the settings (96/24.) USB PCM is turned on in the NPC. I’ve tried two otherwise working USB cables. Various level settings up to maximum gain on the NPC still yields no record level on VinylStudio. This is the same equipment that I have used many times before. Any ideas?


Hey David,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Make sure the RCA’s are connected to the vinyl inputs and that the unit is set to the “Vinyl” setting vs. analog.

Let me know how this goes. You can PM me directly if you so wish.


Vinyl inputs are connected and selected and are monitored through the speakers.

Do you see the NPC with Waspi as a source in Vinyl Studio? Is the usb enabled on the NPC. I know these are basic but just checking.

USB is enabled and the NPC appears to be connected to the Mac just fine as the settings come over to VinylStudio. I am not familiar with Waspi. Might you enlighten me?

Sorry about that. It is a Windows Audio ap. It won’t apply to the MAC unless you re running windows