Tubes for BHK 250/300

Anybody interested in one batch of 8 tubes:

Telefunken (NOS, NIB, OB)
Made in Ulm, Germany
E88CC goldpin
Phono selected

1.560 EUR
plus world wide shipping via DHL
plus Paypal fee
plus trade war fees

Huh? 1-1/2 euros for EIGHT tubes?

They use decimals for commas

Or did you mean, “wow 1500 for 8 tubes!”

That comes to $1,760.08 United States Dollar or $220.01 per tube.:roll_eyes:

Don’t kill the messenger guys, I am just relaying here… It seems to be something very special…

It’s a fair price, Upscale is now up to $400 USD plus tax in Kalifornia each for quietest (unless you bought an amp or preamp from them).

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Thanks Brett…!

Do you want 'm now mr @audiophilehi:grin:

Maybe one day. Please don’t take offense at my rolling eyes. They weren’t aimed at you personally. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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California with a K that’s new :):joy:

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OMG… Wrong department for sure…

Upscale Audio is part of a movie in 1993 staring Brad Pitt et al? I knew Uncle Kevvy lived in an alternate universe but this is getting freakier by the minute. Next thing we know these tubes will be used for time travel and will all be wearing mullets.

How else do you think Uncle Kevvy got so famous. :wink:

Perhaps I should have used $alifornia

Or Up$ale Audio?

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Not to bag on Kevin too much, he does make good deals. These tubes are rare, and very good. Rare like unicorn spit.