Tubes Toobs Tooooobs - gotta bunch

I am not sure how to price these so just PM me and we can work it out. Prices on some…

I am just cleaning out my drawers… the wooden ones.

2 Brimar CV4003/12AU7 - SOLD

Random smaller tubes… the ones with the yellow markings… anyone know this brand? All work, but like everything here, if you get a dud (you won’t) I will give you your money back. Again, this is a hobby and I want to spread happiness not crud.

Various 6550 tubes. These are all used by me… various hours… I had them in my VTL amps and would replace them every few years. I recently took my load of 6550s to an instrument amp repair store and the guy tested them… he said they all “passed”… I am not sure what that actually means. So… if you get a bad one from me, I will just give your money back… I am not doing this to make a buck or rip anyone off. I purchased these from various sources over the years, my only requirement was they were “Svetlana” Russian sourced. There is some weird stories about the brand name… I will make no claims other than these were definitely made in Russia. You can see the original labeling and then the American suppliers overlay of ink. I don’t know how to price these so just PM me and we can work something out. Pics are of the various sets I have.

JJ/Slovakia KT88s. I purchased these from ARS and they matched them as best they could. Most are matched exactly as he wrote some testing value on the tops. PM me for pricing and more details. I only have a few months on these tubes as my one amp failed and that was it for the VTLs. I know these tubes are all good as I swapped the tubes and they worked fine on the good amp so something other than a tube failed.
Check 'em out. I have 16 of them, most are matched, the few others are close.

Bruce in Philly

You don’t happen to have a pair of Takatsuki TA-300B you would like to pass on . . .

Tkatsuki… I had that last night at the Sushi bar. Not bad…

What you see is what I got.

Bruce in Philly

They are $2,000 a pair. I would like to stumble on a nicely priced used set. On the other hand I have too many 300Bs as it is.

Hi Bruce,
How much for all the 12BH7A’s?

Also, what are you asking for the KT88’s?

Help me price them… I just want to be fair. $10 a tube? The 12BH7As… I have two marked the same, another two the same but different, and then four marked the same but different. I grouped the like together. No country of origin, but IIRC, they are Yugoslavian… I heard the factories were bombed during the war and never rebuilt.

PM me if you are interested.

Bruce in Philly

KT88s, say $30 each… Tell me how many you want and I can ensure they are all matched (at least they were when I purchased them). I will have to check but I think 10 were exactly matched and the other six were close.

Bruce in Philly

Food for thought Elk…

About the best price I have seen. I admit to being a bit tempted.

Partsconnexion are in the Toronto GTA and I’ve purchased a fair amount from them. Reliable and no nonsense.

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Yes, same seller. And I have bought from them in the past.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: Tubes for Sale!

thanks for the Brimars, look forward to comparing them to the Tungsram ‘BHK select’ from Uncle Kevvy. The Psvanes are in now and they are nice but simply lack any magic.

Like the difference between the person that keeps the party going and the one that just shows up but is nice.

I agree the Pissvanes are rather characterless.
I won’t say what my opinion is of the Brimars vs “The Tungsrams” until I hear yours; I’m very interested, remembering that the sound is based on everything from the tube to the speaker…

I’ll have to try the Amperex 7308 at some point.

I find them to be luscious sounding tubes. For example, where with everything else I’ve tried, Miles Davis’ muted horn sounds painfully shrill, with the Amperex’s, the sound is textured and far more organic (live) thru both my speakers and my headphones. And the bass is far more deep, defined and believable.
As I write this, I’m listening to the SACD Kind Of Blue thru my headphones, thinking I don’t need to improve this.

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