Tung-Sol KT120, EAT KT88, 12AX7 Jolida & SED tubes

I have sold my tube gear. I am now selling my tube inventory for next to nothing.

Tung-Sol KT120, 2) New tubes, matched pair $70.00.
JJ Electronic 4) 12AX7 New Matched Tubes, $60.00 (Sold)
JJ Electronic 4) 12AU7 New Matched Tubes, $60.00 (Sold)
SED 2) 12AX7 New Matched $30.
Electro-Harmonic boxes with 2 used Jolida 12AX7 tubes inside $15.00

Somebody, please make me a reasonable offer on these Tubes. They need a new home for the holidays.

Do you still have the kt-120? Thanks

Yes, these are still available. I sent you a PM.

Would you take 50 Shipped for the two kt-120 tubes to 95746? Can Paypal you. Thanks Ken.

No. These tubes were never used and sell for $57.00-58.00 each. Plus I would have shipping costs and Pay Pal fees. Now that I think about it I should raise the price on these.


I am interested in the JJ Electronic (4) 12AX7 tubes. Are they still available? I will pay the asking price (this is extremely reasonable!). Thank you!

Ganache. I will send you a PM. You might also want to consider a pack of 4 EAT Cool Dampers. I’ll sell them to you only, $20 for pack of 4 since I will save on shipping. If you buy now.

The KT 88’s have found a new happy home, and are no longer available.