Tungsram Tubes ---- SOLD

I have been on a bit of a ‘tube-rolling’ tear since I purchased the BHK Pre-Amp.
I have for sale an almost ‘new’ pair of Tungsram 12AU7 ECC-82 tubes that I would like to sell.
They have a total of 45 hours on them (which is nothing)

I purchased them for Upscale Audio.
They are the ‘Premium’ Grade, Matched set and I had them Cryogenically Treated.
As you can see in the pictures the specs say that they are very low in noise and microphonics.

Great low noise tube with a more neutral and smooth presentation, and great bass.

In my system for some reason, they did not quite do it for me, sonically-speaking.
Hence the sale.

I have $186.07 invested in them, so the first $100.00 will get them.
Please let me know.
IMG_0628|375x500 IMG_0629 IMG_0626

I just sent you a PM, thanks.