Turntable in other room?

I agree. If you want to go the extra mile you could open the wall up a bit and sister in a 2x6 between the studs, fix the drywall, and mount the stand to that.

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Yeah, I took one look at that avatar and thought, “now that looks like a smartass”. :grinning: Of course, it takes one to know one! The internet is terrible place for our kind, so hard to convey our intent …

Target TT1 wall mount, the mother of all turntable wall mounts. I believe I still have one in a box stashed somewhere. :thinking:


If your comment about not being too into vinyl is true, put your turntable in the closet. Your enthusiasm as you rush to avoid the awful run-out groove will make you even less interested in vinyl----imo.
Or, to avoid this nuisance, get an automatic arm lift, like the “Little Fwend”. Really–that’s what they named it.

“Little Fwend” - that is TOO funny. Well, when I say I’m not TOO into vinyl, it means I’m not willing to spend $1,000 on a table, $2,500 on an arm, and $1,200 on a cartridge. But obviously if I’m going to this amount of trouble worrying about vibration, I certainly want to maximize my modest investment. I don’t mind the run-out groove - it’s part of the music and I can’t for the life of me figure out why they didn’t include it in CDs (OK, I’m joking again).

Interested in selling it?

Certainly no offence taken!
I was teasing as well…