Twin Mattresses Room Treatment

So I was setting up a bunk bed with two new twin mattresses and also had the previous two, for staging the setup, it occurred to me to place 2x2 on the side walls of my main listening room, and wow! I didn’t expect what happened when listening. The room has been treated to my taste before but the isolation these mattresses created during this experiment left me bewildered. Everything sounded as if the bookshelves had grown twice their size while at the same time tightening all the frequencies to a sublime balance. Too bad it looks ugly as hell, but it gives me a potential future to keep working that room to higher heights. I know. Bizarro.


That’s awesome, man. A very true and funny as Hell post. A needed a good laugh today.

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Good call - I have used double “continental quilts” a few times - they could have rings sewn along one edge and hooks in the ceiling for a removable sound-modifier too :slight_smile:.

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I honestly expected the four mattresses standing vertical to make the room sound dead and overly dampened, but it didn’t happen. It’s not a lively room by any sonic or perceptible measure, but maybe I stumbled on an accidental diffuser/dampener/balancer combination of materials, shape and density, well, at least for that room.

Quilts sounds like an easy to try experiment. If those end up giving similar results, it would be easier to find better looking ones than , you know, twin mattresses.


What about heavy curtains? That could be easily manageable.

(I do own a pair of unused single mattresses though, hmmmmm.)
(with the right IsoAcoustics feet they could possibly work)

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Well, it worked for Deep Purple. The making of Machine Head is an interesting watch; how the album was recorded after their recording venue burned to the ground. I am seeing Deep Purple this Friday night in St. Pete!

"A few red lights, a few old beds . . "


Everything sounded as if the bookshelves had grown twice their size … <

Eww, I need some shelving too - get the mattresses out!


:rofl:. Yup, they hit Orlando on Friday before heading there.

Oh no! Here comes the endless debate over Sealy vs Beauty Rest vs Purple vs Sleep Number…:smiley:

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:smiley: Analog Coil Springs vs Dual Digital Density Foam.

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I have found that the thread count in the cotton sheets covering the mattress matters greatly (the higher the better the dampening coefficient.

I know a guy that can procure the finest, Egyptian cotton - but he ain’t cheap.

I can hook you up if you want.


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