Two(2) 25ft. HDMI Audioquest Vodka cables

I have two 25 feet Audioquest Vodka HDMI cables that I no longer need.

I believe that the purchase price was $1,035.00 each. I’d like to sell them but I do not know what a reasonable price would be to ask for them.

They were used for only one purpose: the first was a straight cable (no bending) from my DISH NETWORK HOPPER receiver to my JVC HDMI input 1 projector; the second was also a straight cable (no bending) from my OPPO205 Audiophile Player to the JVC HDMI input 2.

If you are interested in suggesting a reasonable price for me to sell them, then I can make a decision.

This may be a strange way to sell an item but I really don’t know what a reasonable resale price would be.

I will respond.