Two (2) P-10's For Sale [Both Sold]

Took the plunge and now have a P20 in my system. Two black P-10’s, one purchased October 2017 and the other January of this year from the same authorized dealer so lots of warranty left. Both in excellent condition. All original packaging and accessories. $2,250.00 for one or $4,200.00 for both. PayPal only. I will cover shipping and fees.

Hi there daeone, very interested in your P10’s. Where in the US are you located? I am In Ottawa Canada.

Hi Pogal,

I am in the Seattle area.

Hi there, many thanks for getting back to me. Are they Black or Silver? I am trying to get a quote from Fedex to see how much it would be to ship? Do you have pictures? I am only interested in One of them and preferably Black.


Sorry just noticed the answers to my questions are in the add. My apologies. You said you will cover shipping. I am assuming that is within the US?



Hi Ian. Yes, sorry, I should have stated the lower 48 in the US. I looked into FedEx and I would be willing to split shipping with you to Ottawa, Canada. You may want to consider adding insurance over and above their basic $100.00 to match the value of the P10.


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Both sold. Thank you PS Audio community!

Great! I thank you for the opportunity to add one to my system!