UK/EU Voltage Bridge II for sale - 395 GBP + delivery

It hasn’t had much use actually, maybe in for 3 months before I took it out ?
Bought an Oppo 203, modified the player to output Roon over i2s into Directstream and ended up preferring the sound of the Dac’s i2s input.
So the Bridge II was taken out the Dac then.

Mines as new, with maybe 3 months max on it.
All original packing, instructions, anti static wrist strap and bag.
Exactly as you get it new.

I had a look in the Marketplace forum here over last couple of years sales and also elsewhere online.
Only one sold in the UK I saw in Jan 2019, went for £550 delivered.
Currently selling in UK for £840

Selling mine for
£395 GBP + Delivery cost

Paypal Gift or Bank Transfer please.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Now Sold.