UltraRendu with JRiver MC25

I have a MicroRendu that had noise issues. So I thought I would try an UltraRendu. Same issues. I believe the problem is with the settings in JRiver. While fooling around with the settings it mucked up the ability for bridge 2 to do bitperfect playing. I have that back now, whew.

My question is for anyone who chooses to use JRiver and also an UltraRendu. I am hoping some can give me some tips on how to setup the two so the noise goes away and the bitperfect test files result in the bitperfect check mark on the DSD.

Thanks in advance!

What kind of noise?

Pops and sputters. It almost sounds like groove noise.
When I play the bitperfect24.96 test file it is not bit perfect. When I play the 24.192 file it makes loud pops. Neither happens with the bridge 2 and both files play bit perfect.
When I play normal music scratchy popping noises are frequent.
This with both the MicroRendu and UltraRendu. Power is 7 volts from an LPS 1.2.

The Bridge 2 sounds relaxed and very clean. The Rendu not so much.

Sigh, I am fairly certain the answer is “you cannot get bit perfect from JRiver to the XRendu devices. Sigh. I asked Jesus for help on the Sonore site and he sent me a link to basically “this is a pick” (as In learn to play guitar) sort of page and another link that didn’t work. Underwhelming to say the least.