Unable to register Power Plant Premier

I’m online on your site and have been attempting to register my Power Plant Premier and a pop-up box keeps appearing insisting that my SN is wrong, that the first character of the second box should be a letter. Here’s the problem: the first character of the second set begins with a number. How do I get past this problem? Thanks.

That’s because it is a letter, never a number. So one of two things: either the serial number isn’t one of ours, that sometimes happens when people make fake ones, or, it’s really an L or an I and it just looks like a number.

No, it’s not a fake. I cut the section off of the original box from 2006 and have it in front of me: PP - PREM - US and on the next line: SN: PPP - 6K 099 I can’t figure out what letter the “6” could possibly represent other than the number “6”.

From whom did you buy it?

Purchased from Audio Advisor, their purchase order # 198; PS Audio order # 872 dated 12/06/06. Even has a letter of thanks signed by Paul McGowan for being one of the first to buy a Power Plant Premier.

I am on it. Let me see what I can figure out. Stay tuned.

Does the invoice happen to include the serial number? Does the number on the unit match the box?

Grey marketeers will change the number on both the unit and the box. They are good at it and it will look completely legitimate. But Audio Advisor is completely legit so this is unlikely, although it is possible a grey market unit somehow got into their inventory through a trade-in or the like.

No, unfortunately the receipt does not give a serial number. The Fed Ex receipt, though, is direct from PS Audio, someone named something like Sarotra Hogan (difficult to read), internal billing reference 1028330, dated 12/6/6. So even though I purchased the unit through Audio Advisor, the actual unit was shipped to me direct from PS Audio.

And the number on the back of the unit is the same as the box: PPP-6K099. Also, there’s a sticker on the bottom of the unit: Inspected date 12/2/06 and the initials JG.

Perhaps this was a sample/floor model used at shows and expos?

Hi Bob,

The problem appears to be that we built the registration website page after this unit was built. The registration system requires a couple of extra characters to define the version number of the unit. Your instrument did not have the version number embedded in the S/N.

To test this, I invented a version number and tried registering the unit under your name and it worked. I left it registered, so when you get back on the website you should see that it is now registered to you in our system.


Thank you, Bob and Dave for working through this!

Many thanks to everyone.

Our apologies for it being a pain in the butt.

Bob Conrad said Many thanks to everyone.
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